14 Traditional clothing around the world

Traditional clothing is an crucial part of a country’s history and culture identification.In different societies,traditional clothing  is mandatory for both males and females.


1.India-Saree(women) and Dhoti(Men)

Saree is the simplest attire that you can find in the entire world because it’s not stitched in any form.The entire saree is just a lengthy cloth that can be draped to one’s preference.dhoti 178x300 - 14 Traditional clothing around the world


The word saree is originated from sanskrit meaning ‘strip of cloth’.Saree is a piece of cloth measuring in 5 to 9 yard (14 to 26 feet) in length.

The saree can be draped in dozen of different ways such as madisaru(Tamil nadu),Namboothiri(kerala),Coorgi style(Karnataka),Pinkosu(Tamil nadu),Seedha pallu(Gujarat, UP and Odisha),Kappulu(Andhra Pradesh),Athpourey shari(Bengal),Mekhela chador(Assam),Nauvari saree(Maharashtra).Usually,it is worn with a blouse and a skirt.

Just like saree,dhoti(Veshti) can be draped in many different ways which is unique to each state of India.
In northern part of India,Men wear sherwani, that’s a long coat which is buttoned up to the collar and falls beneath the knee.Women also wear choli or lehenga that includes a blouse that ends at midriff and a skirt extends over angles.

2.Malaysia-Baju kurung

Anyone visiting the malaysia during the festival time of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri,you would have come across this beautiful floral or plain baju kurung.Baju Kurung is the national dress of Malaysia.For women,this clothing is loosely fitted and consists of a skirt and a blouse.A scarf or shawl is worn with baju kurung.Baju melayu

Baju kurung

Baju melayu is the traditional clothing for malay men.This clothing inculdes three parts that is,first one is loosely fitted shirt with a collar which is known as ‘baju’ and the second one is a trousers known as ‘seluar’ and last one is a skirt known as ‘kain samping’ made up of songket (silk or cotton).

As a sort of national dress, the baju kurung is extensively worn in formal occasions such as wedding ceremony,important function and festival.Nowadays,Baju kurung is gaining popularity among asians.

3.Pakistan-Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez,it is the national dress of Pakistan,which is available for both men and women.This clothing inculdes a top which is knee-length and a pant either fitted or loose type.Salwar kameez men

salwar kameez 846702 640 223x300 - 14 Traditional clothing around the world

Women’s salwar is heavily embroidered with elegant designs and patterns,while men’s salwar is plain and simple with appealing color.With some variantion,it evolves into a plethora of attire like Punjabi suit,kurta,Patiala,Anarkali suit,Afghani Style Suit,..(the list is endless).

This dress is very common among asian countries like India,Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Iran.



The cheongsam is a close-fitting one piece dress that was originated in 1920s Shanghai.


It is also known as a qipao.
Cheongsam is a popular clothing to all ladies in China regardless of their age and social popularity.

The style of Cheongsam dramaticlly changed due to western gown’s influence. It modified from a huge and loose style to a greater shape fitting and revealing cut, which positioned more emphasis on ladies’s body line. The Cheongsam length was reduced from ankle reach to above the knee.

It is beautifully designed with amazing bright floral pattern.My friend owns this dress that was gifted to her by someone and she treats it like a treasure.(Sure,it is….:)



Kimono literally means a ‘thing to worn’.It is available for both men and women.


For women,kimono is amazingly designed with artistic impression with bright colour in good quality fabric.

It is usually adorned with a obi(sash).But for men,it is simple and plain with minimum design.

The symbols in the cloth have a meaning,for instance the crane indicates good fortune and long life.Several kimonos are available such as Furisode,hikizuri,tomesode,houmongi,Iro Muji,Komon that is worn on different occasion and season.

Dressing up in kimono has become a popular activities for tourists in Japan.



Did you ever watched bts dancing in Hanbok for their video ‘danger’?? If you are not aware of that video,Watch that first…..
They nailed it with their performance and attire.Hanbok

Hanbok(also called as joseonot in north korea),it is available for both women and men.For men,it consists of two parts,a upper jacket known as jeogori and a pant known as baji.For women,it is composed of two parts,a upper piece known as jeogori and a skirt known as chima.

Customarily it is made with bright and vivid colors.Each color has its own distinctive meaning.For instance,The red symbolizes good fortune and wealth, so it’s often used for women’s wedding garments and the yellow represents the center of the universe, which was used by royals.




7.Southern Germany and Austria-Dirndl (women) and Lederhosen(Men)

Dirndl and Lederhosen

Just mentioning the country’s name Germany,the first thing that sparks in one’s mind is Oktoberfest(16-day long beer festival).In that festival,one can witness their traditional clothing,tracht-drindl and lederhosen.

Dirndl(women),it includes a tight fitting corset combined with an apron in different shade and a skirt.The apron has two long ties that can be tied into a bow.Even the position of the bow where it is tied is considered very important as it reveals about the wearer’s martial status.

Lederhosen(Men),basically,the word ‘leder’ means leather and ‘hosen’ refers to breeches( like shorts or pants).This clothing inculdes a shirt and a breeches.Usually,they are paired with suspenders/braces.



8.Spain-FlamencoFlamenco dress spain

Flamenco dress is traditionally worn in carnivals and festivals at Andalucía,Spain.This dress has many frills that extends from hip to angle.It is also used by flamenco dancers which is slightly different from normal one and it has a long frills that is flicked like a tail.




Visit any scottish festival or highland games,you can witness that their kilt wearing tradition is unforgotten.Kilt,traditional clothing of scotland,it is a knee-length skirt worn with a shirt.

From participants in caber tossing to pipe players,all people get dressed in kilt to display their culture to the world.







Chokha,it is the traditioal clothing of Georgia.It is a woolen coat that has folds for cartridge on the chest.Presently,the holds are just for ornamental purpose.Traditionally,only male chokha was manufactured.But the trend turned the chokha into modern attire which is also available for women.






Sarafan,traditional clothing of russia,presently it is only seen as a thing of folk costume for women and girls.However,modern sarafan is popular among younger generation as it has light weight and convenient to wear in summer season.





12.Morocco-DjellabaDjellaba men

Djellaba,it is the traditional clothing for both men and women.It is long,full sleeved and loosely fitted.Additionally,it is provided with hood to protect eyes from sand in desert areas and from cold during winter seasons.

For festival and special occasion,women wears a embroidered attire known as kaftan.This clothing is also prevalent in Alegria.


13.Dashiki,West Africa


The name dashiki is originated from the word ‘daciki’ which means ‘shrit’ in yoruba and Hausa.
Dashiki,it is a colorful attire for both men and women which is widely popular in west africa especially Nigeria.The patterns and colors makes the dashiki more attractive and irresistible.






14.South and North America 

As we all know,America is the birthplace for western clothes which includes jeans,t-shirts,hoodies,skirts,jackets,maxi,etc..But some people consider the cowboy attire as the traditional clothing of America.It’s hard to comprehend a particular clothing due to the colonization.



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